DickersoMount Tabor Historical Society

Our mission is to restore and preserve the Victorian heritage of Mount Tabor and its roots as a Methodist “camp meeting” and to increase community awareness and participation in planning for the future, in harmony with our past.

The Society was formed in 1990 when several community-minded citizens organized to assemble a slide show, which became the video “Mount Tabor: Then and Now.” The society has been active in community projects concerning the historic and natural beauty of Mount Tabor ever since.

Over the years the Society has developed a growing collection of historic documents, photographs, postcards and memorabilia. The Society sought and received the honor of placing the Mount Tabor Historic District on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Our collection is the result of generous gifts from friends and members. New donations to our collection are welcomed as an excellent way to ensure the long-term preservation of items of historical interest. All donations are tax deductible.


The Society Has a Home in the J. Smith Richardson History House

The Society was fortunate in acquiring a house that reflects the historic architectural flavor of Mount Tabor, and serves as home for our growing collection and displays. Learn about the J. Smith Richardson History House.