NR_PlaqueMount Tabor Historic District is listed on the State & National Registers.

Mount Tabor Historic District Presentation: “Protecting our Past and Planning our Future” — What Does a Historic District Designation Mean, Anyway?
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The New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places Overview
What are the National and New Jersey Registers?
Mount Tabor National Register FAQ

This document represents a compilation of answers/responses and research completed over the summer and fall of 2011 to questions raised by residents and CMA board members regarding the State and National Register listings as well as the Master Plan Grant awarded by the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund.

A Five Minute Look at New Jersey Register Reviews
1984 Cultural Survey Map

This map, created by Morris County, defined boundaries of a historic district in 1984. The 2012 Historic District Map was used in the nomination for listing Mount Tabor on the State and National Register of Historic Places.