OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrinity Park Historic Lighting Project

Mt. Tabor installed lamp posts in Trinity Park, a central focal point of the community. The lamp posts were dedicated on September 26, 2004.

The project began in March of 2001 in response to a need for improved lighting of pathways in Trinity Park. The Mt. Tabor Historical Society and Beautification Committee of the Camp Meeting Association undertook the project to select appropriate fixtures for the 19th century park, which is surrounded by Victorian cottages, public buildings, and the Tabernacle. The joint committee decided on 10 lamp posts of a design similar in appearance to that of lamp posts (then lit by oil) seen in photographs of the park from the end of the 19th century. We hope that they will help recapture an earlier feeling of the area.

The funds for the fixtures were provided by donations from individuals and organizations, and their contributions are acknowledged by plaques affixed to each post. The additional costs of installation were shared by the Historical Society and Camp Meeting Association.
Thank you to all who helped make this addition to our community possible.

Mount Tabor Arch Restoration Project 1999-2000

At one time, Mount Tabor was graced by an impressive welcoming sign which arched above the walking path at the main entrance at the base of the hill, where Dickerson Road intersects with Route 53. Unfortunately, this piece of our past had not survived to the present day. A group of Mount Tabor residents, sponsored by the CMA’s Ad-hoc Beautification Committee, with support from the Historical Society, worked to replace the original wood sign with a wrought iron replica. The intent was to resurrect this example of Victorian architecture as part of an ongoing effort to restore the unique heritage of Mount Tabor. The fundraising campaign welcomed donations from residents and friends of Mount Tabor who wanted to take part in the restoration project. The arch was completed and erected in June 2001.

We Give Back to the Community
Mount Tabor Historical Society puts all program proceeds back into our community through beautification, educational, and restoration projects. Past projects include: Educational Programs, Production of Video, Placement of Fountain in Trinity Park, Gazebo Restoration, Refinishing of the Floor and Installation of Wall Sconces in the Tabernacle, Archival Grant to the CMA.

In addition to providing educational programs and house tours, the Mount Tabor Historical Society has made many fine contributions to the community which include the following:

  • 1991- Assembled the slide show/video – “Mount Tabor – Then & Now”
  • 1991 to present- Restored the tradition of providing ice cream to Children’s Day parades
  • 1992 – Beautified the interior of the Mt. Tabor Library (originally known as the Ebenezer Pavilion) by stenciling the interior walls with period design
  • 1992 – Contributed to the restoration of the fountain in Trinity Park
  • 1994 – Created and launched the 1st annual “A Day in Old Mt. Tabor” Annual House Tour
  • 1994 – Donated an antique Victorian urn to the Camp Meeting Association to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Mt. Tabor. This urn contributed to a beautification project of a Victorian garden, located behind the Tabernacle.
  • 1995 – Offered grants to homeowners for restoration projects.
  • 1997 – Refinished the Tabernacle floors
  • 1997 – Refurbished the Tabernacle pews with the help of the AT&T Cares Program.
  • 1997 – Provided new draperies in the Bethel (with the Garden Club)
  • 1997 – Assisted with the restoration and funding of the beautification of the Gazebo and the surrounding area at the Main Park
  • 1997 – Assisted with the restoration of the community bulletin board.
  • 1998 to present – Lend our support to the “At the Tabernacle” Concerts
  • 1998 – Donated park benches.
  • 1999 – Donated antique Victorian sconces and installed them into the Tabernacle
  • 2001 – With community support, restored the arch at the entrance of Mount Tabor