35 Trinity Place
Original owner: M.S. Allison, ship-builder of Jersey City
Carpenter/builder: Samuel Cosgrove of Jersey City
Built: 1877

A stunning survival today, this cottage was no less remarkable in its infancy, when it was written, “This is perhaps the finest single cottage upon the grounds, having recently been completed at a cost of over $2000. It is in fact a substantial residence, occupying two lots, built in a becoming order of architecture, and with a view to comfort and convenience in its interior arrangements. Upon the first floor are parlor, dining room, and kitchen, and upon the second seven sleeping apartments.” The “becoming order of architecture” is Stick Style with hints of Eastlake, highlighted by cutout patterns, pendants and medallions. Don’t overlook the small gable roof cupola, the knee braces which support the projecting gable and its decorative stick work.