Simpson Ave at Fletcher Place

Named for one of Methodism’s great theologians, Fletcher Place is conveniently located just East of Trinity Park and is charmingly inviting with its picturesque awnings and balconies.

Fletcher Place is named in honor of John William Fletcher, one of Methodism’s first great theologians. It is one of the original streets of the older part of the grounds and is consequently pretty well populated. It runs from the lower part of the grounds to Morris Avenue, East of Trinity Park. It is a quiet street, convenient to worship and affords a desirable place of residence.

“…Here you can enjoy nature at its fullest—the air is laden with perfume and the ravishing odor of wild flowers. Of the four hundred and fifty cottages with their bright-hued awnings and balconies, not one is to be seen that is not made charmingly inviting and picturesque by its dressing of nature’s own beautiful flowers.”

And we guarantee …a delightful place of residence—the air, the walks, the drives, the bountiful amusements, … the unconventional life in the woods that is restful to the elders and healthful for the children.